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Growing as a result of European Partnership

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

What does it mean to build with the EIC backing your project?

For the industry partners of SAFE-Infusion project it means building teams of expertise that can deliver our technical solutions to real-world healthcare problems. The funding delivered by the EIC Fast Track to Innovation grant has enabled a consortium of 5 partners from across Europe (Ireland, Sweden, Spain and Portugal) to collaborate on solving real healthcare challenges. This is good news for all involved, especially for healthcare providers who can be assured of faster, cheaper and safer health activity that can result in improved outcomes for patients. This is why the academic hospital partners are so pivotal to a successful partnership, with their important end-user insights and practical advice on navigating the complex world of healthcare provision. With their guidance the outcomes of SWIRL SAFE-Infusion project can become more accurate and assured of success!

For the consortium partners, the opportunity to connect and effectively break down cultural or country-specific borders, acting as true European partners, has opened up new possibilities and enables a project that can succeed for EU citizens everywhere. Even in the times of the pandemic the committed partners worked through the limitations, meeting regularly via video meetings to advance the project.

The hospital partners are CHUC, based in Coimbra, Portugal and PSSJD, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Even better, each company has been able to increase its internal staff and accelerate the time to market. For both Tada Medical and Gasgon Medical, this expansion of the team has been truly transformative and exciting, with a diverse range of talent and expertise joining the SAFE-infusion project.

The Gasgon Medical team are based in Cork, Ireland.

The Tada Medical team are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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