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Our Clinical Partners Help Us Fulfill Our Mission

At Tada Group AB we are shaping the future of IV therapy with the support of our clinical partners in Europe.

We, at the Tada Group, are delighted to announce that our recent visit to our partner Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC), Portugal, was a huge success. C.H.U.C is a public healthcare complex, consisting of six medical institutions, and it is the biggest healthcare centre in the country. Our Chief Operating Officer, Rebecca Stjernberg Bejhed, and Chief Quality Officer, Dr Ujala Bhardwaj, were there last week to meet with their nurses for gathering user feedback and confirmation that our novel safety solution, ReLink, meets their expectations. 😊

This trip was a great opportunity to meet and engage with KOLs and health care professionals, showcase ReLink to them, make sure that our device fits seamlessly into the standard of care practice at the hospital, and validate the demand for our solution for safer IV therapy. The feedback that we received from their KOLs and healthcare professionals about our breakaway connector, ReLink, was incredible. 😃👏🏻

We value the support from our clinical partners greatly. Many thanks to the entire team of Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC) for hosting us last week and showing great interest in our product ReLink. A big thank you to Cármen Nogueira, Patrícia Couceiro, António Marques, Inês Antunes Ferreira and Gasgon Medical, especially to Dan Stapleton, Pauric Carey and James Roche.

We are looking forward to working more closely with our partners and improving lives by providing innovative solutions for unmet healthcare needs.🚀

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