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SAFE-Infusion partners meet in Sweden

The partners of the SAFE-infusion consortium gathered together in Stockholm, Sweden, on March 31st, 2022, to discuss the on-going project work at an in-person round-table meeting.

Each industrial and academic partner was represented by project leaders with open discussion on the tasks underway to meet all project deliverables and milestones. This meeting coincided with the end of year one of the two-year SAFE-Infusion project, and included a General Assembly discussion on plans for the year ahead. As well as agreeing strategy for upcoming clinical trials, the industrial partners, Gasgon Medical and Tada Medical, showcased updates to their products and outlined various development achievements that underpin their technical and regulatory work in Ireland and Sweden. The academic hospital partners engaged in open discussion on ethical and regulatory submission requirements for each country represented, Spain and Portugal, to ensure a smooth start to clinical studies. Given the interruptions caused by the pandemic, which curtailed some activities and opportunities to meet, this was a welcome gathering of our European partners with lively, open and meaningful planning discussions to secure a successful continuation of this consortium partnership. The event was hosted by Tada Medical, who treated the partners to a tour and dinner in the beautiful city of Stockholm.

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