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SWIRL: Solving Problems in Animal Health

The industry partners of the SAFE-infusion consortium, Gasgon Medical and Tada Medical, have successfully trialed prototypes of AirVault, ReLink and combined ReAL device at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) , Sweden. The products were reviewed by the veterinary faculty at a hands-on workshop which investigated the clinical need, the potential use scenarios and human factors for each technology.

SLU is a busy, state-of-the-art training and treatment centre. The team, led by Dr. Odd Hügland, an accomplished veterinary surgeon, provides gold-standard care to large and small animals from across its network of clinics around Sweden. In this project, SLU are providing insights and guidance on product development with a special focus on the animal care market.

This workshop entailed a hands-on trial of the AirVault, ReLink and combined Swirl devices, with a group of over 20 nurses and veterinarians offering feedback and insights from their expertise. The clinical disciplines of Oncology, Surgery, Intensive Care and Equine were on-hand to setup IVs with the concept devices, review the documentation being developed and were treated to a series of short videos about each company.

The learning from this workshops will assist each industry partner to develop targeted solutions that meet the expectations and particular needs of animal care specialists. The result will be a stronger commercial and technical solution that is ready to reach a broad market for the SAFE-Infusion project partners.

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