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Tada Group meeting in PSSJD

At Tada Group AB we are shaping the future of IV therapy with the support of our European clinical partners.

We had a great time last week visiting our Spanish partner Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu (PSSJD). PSSJD is a private non-profit institution that includes a general hospital and a large network of mental health services, which provides comprehensive mental health and disability services. PSSJD’s Research, Innovation and Teaching Unit focuses on bringing together researchers and clinicians in the areas of public health, mental disorders, and disability.

Our COO, Rebecca Stjernberg Bejhed, and CQO, Dr Ujala Bhardwaj, went over to meet with their nurses to gather user feedback and confirmation that our novel safety solution, ReLink, meets their expectations. We got the opportunity to engage with hospital representatives, showcase ReLink to them, and make sure that our device fits with the standard of care practice at their hospital and validate the demand for our solution for safer IV therapy. The feedback from the nurses was very positive with all of them agreeing that ReLink can help with solving the problem of accidental disconnection, safekeep patients and help save valuable time.

We value the support from our clinical partners greatly. Many thanks to the entire team of Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu (PSSJD) for hosting us last week and showing great interest in our product ReLink. A big thank you to Judit López Luque, Íñigo Chivite Araiz, Ramon Mir Abellan, Michiko Ishiguro and Gasgon Medical, especially to Pauric Carey and Seb Clerkin PhD RAC(EU).

We are looking forward to working more closely with our partners and improving lives by providing innovative solutions for unmet healthcare needs.

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